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Spring dog's allergies: pollen

Pollen is a substance found inside trees, flowers and herbs. Thin and dusty, it is important for the fertilization and reproduction of plants.

As with people, dogs can suffer from pollen allergies. The latter is present in the air that your 4-legged friend breathes or with which he simply comes into contact by smelling flowers and plants during a nice spring walk!

This problem peaks in the spring-summer but can last until the fall.

What are the symptoms of a pollen allergy? Among the most common:

  • Sneezing continuously

  • Itching, especially in the paws

  • Continuous licking of the affected areas

  • Drowsiness

  • Loss of hair

  • Appearance of spots on the skin

  • Rubbing against furniture or the floor

  • Ear infection.

Remember that these symptoms are not necessarily the cause of a pollen allergy, however, if you have any doubts, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian for further investigations.

How to help your 4-legged friend in case of pollen allergy?

If you do not have special care suggested by your vet, you can try using aloe vera-based sprays or wipes with which to clean the paws after a walk and a hypoallergenic shampoo to reduce the sensation of itching and irritation of the skin.

Generally it is recommended not to exceed 1 bath per week to avoid damage to the coat and skin.

Among the recommended products:

If you are looking for natural products with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce symptoms we also recommend:

You can cleanse the parts of the body affected by the irritation in a natural way (with the authorization of your veterinarian) and help your little one to live better this time of year!

In conclusion, pollen allergy in dogs is very common but fortunately with some simple precautions and with the help of your veterinarian you will be able to identify a routine that can help your dog in these critical periods of the year so that he can better enjoy spring and summer with you.

Pine pearls:

Did you know that when I was a puppy I suffered from pollen allergy? My mom avoided walking me in areas with lots of trees and flowers and she always cleaned my paws.

What symptoms did I have? You keep sneezing and itchy throat. Now when I grow up I feel much better!

With Love,

Pino & Valeria

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