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3 Things to Do to keep your dog healthy

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

We know it's a difficult time but still our dogs need to relieve themself outside and do exercise despite the weather or the lockdown.

Following a few tips every day you will help your dog to be healthy and happy! Why not? Here what you should do. 1) Play 10-15 minutes at home with your dog at least twice a day. While they are playing, they keep their body in shape plus they are mentally stimulated making them smarter. There are many games to play like catch me , retrieve the ball or smart toys. To find the best smart toys click HERE 2) Take them out for a walk ( not to relieve themself) at least once a day between 15- 50 minutes based on the resistance of your dog. Puppies and Seniors should not walk more than 15-20 minutes per day. In general, the bigger a dog is, the bigger more can walk! Be aware, if your dog has a particular illness you have to ask your vet about it. 3) Train your dog and dedicate at least 10 minutes per day to practice all the commands learned. It's important to have your dog trained since he is just a puppy. In case you are late, no worries! You can train him also as an adult but it will take more time. Remember, be patient and never punish your dog while he is learning a new command. We don't want him to associate the training to a bad thing, right? If you have a pomeranian or poodle and you want to know more about training them, we have the best solution for you HERE

Pino's pearl

Remember, following these 3 things will keep your dog healthy and happy!

With Love,

Valeria & Pino

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