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Dog food: how to choose the right one

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

When you welcome a dog into your family, whether puppy or adult, you will have to decide right away what type of food to offer him.

If he has already been used to a type of food you can either decide to continue with that or change it.

There are two main types:

- dry food

- wet food


Dry food is about kibble. You will find them in different sizes based on the type of breed of your dog.


  • Cheap

  • Durable


  • Unappetizing

  • Limited tastes


Wet food (also called canned food) is made up of 80% liquids and for this reason it helps a lot in hydration of your dog but at the same time contains less nutrients than dry food.


  • Tasty

  • Diversified tastes


  • Expensive

  • Short-term conservation

We can therefore say that each type of food has its pros and cons.

What to do? You can opt for a mixed solution.

If you opt for a mixed solution you can offer a meal of dry food and a meal of wet food. Alternatively, we recommend mixing dry food with wet food to make it more


Remember to always choose quality food with high protein content.

The more protein it contains, the better the type of food.


For those who have free time or simply a dog with a very delicate stomach, we suggest cooking fresh food. The first ingredient should be meat, followed by carbohydrates (such as rice or potatoes) and vegetables (such as spinach or squash).


Depending on the age of your dog, you have to offer a specific type of food (no matter if dry or wet).

In general:

<12 months: puppy food

> 12 months: adult food

> 7-8 years: food for the elderly

Why is it important to buy food suitable for your age? Simple!

Your dog will have different calorie needs over time. As a puppy he will need more calories and energy than an adult dog. Finally, as an elderly person you will need a food richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep fit.

For a balanced and healthy diet, ask your veterinarian for advice.

You will find insights into nutrition and how to read food labels here

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Pino's pearls:

Remember that a healthy dog ​​is a dog that eats well!

With love

Valeria & Pino