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Am I ready for a puppy in my life?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

When we decide to buy or adopt a puppy, it would be good to reflect on the type of commitment to be met to avoid suffering for you and your 4-legged friend!

Here are some questions to ask yourself and ponder: - Do I have a big enough house? - How many hours am I home? - Would I have the patience to go out at least 2 times a day to take him to the toilet? - Would I have time for his physical activity? - What budget should I have for maintenance? - Do I have small children in the house? - Do I have other dogs or cats that would have trouble accepting it? First of all, having a puppy or a new dog in the family requires space. If you want to opt for a small dog you can adapt it to a small apartment; if you want to opt for a large one you should consider having a house large enough (even better with a garden) to make it live peacefully. Many people have large dogs in small spaces, no one forbids it, but are you acting in his best interest? In this case, it is advisable to at least extend the outings to ensure sufficient daily movement in order to keep him healthy. Another problem concerns the time he should be alone. We generally recommend not to exceed 4-5 hours per day. If you have to be out all day, you could ask friends or family for help or hire a dog sitter. If you are almost always away from home or even traveling, we do not recommend having a puppy in your life at the moment. Also, consider having to go out at least a couple of times a day (even better 3 times) to take him to do his business. If you have a small dog or even a toy, you can opt for a mixed solution with the help of absorbent mats; even in this case, your dog should go out at least once a day to also perform physical activity. How much does it cost to maintain it? It depends. In general, small dogs have a lower maintenance cost than large dogs, however it also depends on the type of breed and its type of coat. On average, consider the veterinarian cost (there are annual vaccinations to do), insurance cost ( if needed), grooming cost and meals cost. Furthermore, the price may vary according to your city. For example, Pino The Pom is from New York and his maintenance cost is very high! We will talk about Pino's expenses on another occasion ... Finally, think about the members of your family. Do you have small children? If so, would you be able to handle them and the puppy? Remember that a puppy dog ​​requires similar attention to a newborn, so a lot of time to dedicate and super attention! If you have other cats or dogs in your home, are they social? Could they accept the newcomer? Or are they highly jealous and territorial? Having a puppy in the family offers immense joy however your daily rhythm, the spaces in which you live and the time you could dedicate to your 4-legged friend are fundamental factors to consider for the puppy's well-being ! If you think you have all the credentials, what are you waiting for? Launch yourself into this new adventure and you will not regret it!

Pino pearls:

Did you know that many buildings in New York don't allow pets?

My mom had to choose a "pet friendly" apartment to be able to welcome me into the house!

With love,

Valeria & Pino

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